What is the Best Way to Start a Business Today in Order to Earn Money and be Independent?

The world of work today is completely different from that of just a decade ago. Article by https://bishonenworks.com/. Although in Italy people are often still very attached to the “fixed job mentality”, only a small percentage of employees can boast a permanent contract. Flexibility and mobility are the watchwords, along with the ability to interpret change, an attitude that is now necessary.

The labor market is, therefore, anything but static. It is in this context that there is room for new ideas and self-employment. There are many who, for various reasons, think of starting their own business and ask themselves what activities it is worthwhile to open today in order to start a successful business with real profits. Probably that’s the question you’re asking yourself. So let’s try to understand something more.

What Activity Should you Open Today?

The Value of Technology

To start a business, in addition to a lot of determination, you need an original and successful business idea. The entrepreneurial project must meet the needs of the reference market and the target to which you want to turn. All this, starting an activity able to distinguish itself from the competition for functionality or service offered. With this we do not want to discourage you. It’s not necessary to look for something new that nobody has yet been able to imagine. To decide what activity to open today, just look around and see what is missing, what service can be improved and how.

One of the skills of successful entrepreneurs is to understand and interpret the needs of people. According to sector studies, in this particular historical moment, it is the start-ups that are best placed to focus on technology and innovation. According to data released by Info-Camere, the company of the Italian Chambers of Commerce for digital innovation, the numbers are growing and, six years after the birth of the special section of the Companies Register, the technological start-ups have reached 10,027. Sometimes it takes very little to make a traditional company smart: using apps and computerized services you can offer customers more practical products or services.

Therefore, even activities in crisis can reinvent themselves and offer themselves in a different way, conquering new groups of users. The technology also concerns the management systems that allow you to monitor and organize the work of the activity.

The Potential of a Commercial Sport Activity

If we want to continue to analyze the trends of the moment to understand which activities should be opened today, we must analyze the situation at a global level. Sports start-ups are great. This is what emerges from a report by the Observatory of digital innovation in the sports industry, established by the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, according to which the start-ups “Digital Sport” born worldwide between 2011 and 2016 were 1,012. Of these, 686 were financed, for an average of 6 million dollars each.

The map of sports start-ups funded shows us that 395 (ie more than half) were born between the United States and Canada, 200 in Europe, 24 in Italy. Adding those that have not received funding, however, in our country there have been 50 sports start-ups that have opened. In the USA, most of the new sports companies have focused on fitness, which is a business in continuous expansion.

Digital Technology and Sport

The novelty is the digital solutions applied to the sports sector. Digital Sport helps to monitor athletic performance, prevent injuries and support rehabilitation. Innovative start-ups then focus on the fan experience, studying methods to monitor or optimize the user experience through virtual systems and mobile devices.

Open a Gym?

If you’re still wondering what activity to open today, the answer is simple: a gym that uses technology to offer a new experience to its customers and to stand out from its competitors. If you like the idea of opening a business in the sports sector, you can do it even if you don’t have previous business experience using the franchising formula. Franchising allows you to reduce your business risk, to acquire customers in a short time, taking advantage of the notoriety of a well-known brand, and to acquire in a short time an entrepreneurial know-how that you alone would develop after years. Initial investments are competitive and can be tailored to your needs.

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