Working in Franchising: the Benefits of an Expanding Business

How many times have you heard that the best solution to find a job is to invent one on your own? In fact, the analysis of labour market dynamics has shown that between 2017 and 2018, the number of permanent contracts decreased (again), while the number of fixed-term contracts and self-employed workers increased.

There are many reasons for choosing the path of self-employment. There are women, determined not to sacrifice their professionalism even if they have decided to have a family; there are young people to whom the mentality of the fixed place does not belong; there are the 40-50 year olds who have lost their jobs, or even the even older unemployed with a career behind them and professional experiences that they have decided to exploit to make their fortune.

The step we need to take is a great one and we need to think about it. Many people wonder if the best solution to open your own business is to become independent entrepreneurs, or work in franchising. Both perspectives can be beneficial. It must be said, however, that the franchise is the best solution for beginners and not only. Working in franchising means in fact:

  • enter the world of work in the wake of a brand that is already known;
  • limit the risk of business and therefore of failure;
  • to be able to count on a guide from which to learn and to which to refer in case of need.

Working in Franchising: a Successful Formula

What does it mean to become a franchisee? It means joining a group that already has its own culture of enterprise and have, therefore, the advantage of being able to acquire in a short time the necessary know-how. It is no coincidence that many affiliates, after entering a similar training context, are able to develop skills and competences that allow them to open, in a short time, even a second point of sale.

The franchisees are also supported by consumers who believe in this business model. Today in Italy the turnover of franchised chains is growing and the balance between openings and closures of points of sale is positive. According to data from the Franchising Exhibition Study Centre, the sector recorded a 0.8% increase in turnover in the first half of 2018, compared to the same period of the previous year. There are 920 franchised networks in Italy, with around 52,000 shops and an annual turnover of 24.5 billion. In 2017, for example, franchisees – with almost 16,000 points of sale – registered a +3.8% increase in the south.

The growth of the sector is also positive in other areas of our peninsula, especially those relating to food and beverage, clothing, accessories and services.

Franchising Success Also in Europe

The trend is also common in the rest of Europe, where in almost all countries there is a steady growth of successful franchising based on parameters such as the number of franchisees, the number of points of sale and turnover. This is also thanks to consumers who prefer to shop at well-known brand names because they consider them more reliable both in terms of service and product quality. According to Assofranchising, the leading trade association in the sector, the data received from members during the Christmas period in 2018 confirmed the positive trend of the franchise.

Working in Franchising: in Which Sector?

In the world of franchising there is room for anyone who wants to get involved and is determined to succeed with their business. Choosing to open a business by focusing on a brand name means giving yourself the opportunity to easily acquire a large slice of customers.

The shrewdness is to focus on known brands, which operate in growth sectors. If food is a strong sector in Italy, it must also be said that there are many shops that open and close in a short time. The wellness sector is growing strongly, with wellness centres, spas and gyms, while tourism, hairdressers, clothing and activities related to early childhood are falling, perhaps because of the fall in births.

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